Carrie is turning 65 soon but doesn’t plan to retire until she is at least 66, maybe older. She currently has no health insurance. She is hesitant to sign up for Medicare because she can’t afford the Part B monthly premium of $170.10 (2022 price).

She is a Medicaid recipient in her state, and we determined that her current level of Medicaid does qualify her for special Full Benefit Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage plans that include very generous benefits with $0 copays for nearly everything. This also means that Medicaid will be paying her Part B premium. She will be able to start this healthcare coverage the month she turns 65, and it will be a real boon to Carrie because she is developing cataracts and will need surgery within the next year.

It is likely that Carrie will lose this level of Medicaid help when she returns to work (after the pandemic) and is no longer receiving unemployment. If that’s the case, she may no longer qualify for the special Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage Plan, and will need to enroll in a plan for the general population.